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    Away Game at Tulsa 6/23

    Tulsa’s Chance To Strike Back

    Written By: Curtis Baxter


    Oklahoma City Football Club is to face Tulsa Soccer Club for the second time this season Wednesday, June 23. Still the only opponent that both Oklahoma City and Tulsa have gone up against is Southstar.

    Tulsa SC (3-1) has scored six goals and has given up two goals in its first four games of the season. In its last outing Tulsa SC defeated FC Dallas 3-1.

    OKC FC (2-0) has scored three goals and given up just one, which came in its last outing against SouthStar Football Club in a 2-1 OKC FC victory.

    In the last game between OKC FC and Tulsa SC, OKC FC won in a very close 1-0 game. The goal was scored in the second half at the 67th minute and snapped Tulsa SC’s 244-minute streak without giving up a goal.

    Sean Jones

    The Man Behind OKC FC- Sean Jones

    By Makenzie Vandruff



    Sean Jones is the owner of the Oklahoma City Football Club and has a huge impact on women’s soccer in the area. Jones not only owns the team and supplies funds for OKC FC, but he also provides a space for women to play soccer when they may not be able to elsewhere.

    “That’s what being the owner is all about is trying to keep this thing going in the right direction, hopefully not lose too much money, and provide a great atmosphere for young ladies to play during the summer,” says Jones.

    In the very beginning of OKC FC, Jones says that the team did make a small profit, but they do lose money each year. Despite this, Jones and his associates continue to support the ladies of OKC FC in their goals. With only a handful of professional women’s soccer teams in the country, it can be very difficult for women to pursue this sport, which is why Jones assists them in doing just that.

    Jones has four daughters who all grew up playing soccer, and his eldest gave him the motivation to take over as owner of OKC FC. She practiced on the team until the funds were wearing thin, which pushed Jones and his two business partners to take over.

    “Our role, basically, is to find sponsorships, to make sure that the vision of what we’re trying to do is being accomplished by providing a great game day atmosphere, and making sure the coaches are on board,” says Jones, “And we select the right people and their roles to make this thing a great experience.”

    Giving the fans something to look forward to is no easy feat, but Jones and his team are doing a fantastic job. Fans enjoy a welcoming, kid-friendly environment the moment they step through the gates. Family, friends, and food have all been contributing factors to the great atmosphere, all of which is set in motion by Jones.

    Jones has coached both men and women’s soccer, and always found himself enjoying coaching the girls more than the boys.

    “[Women] are so much more appreciative. They just spend as much time as kids want to spend with them taking pictures, talking, and signing autographs,” says Jones.

    OKC FC is always incredibly welcoming and excited to meet fans after games, contributing to their friendly atmosphere even after a fast-moving game.

    Sean Jones is a very giving man who is completing his goal of giving women a place to hone their skills and compete in the sport they love. After over five years of being the owner of the team, he’s excited to see it continue on to offer a fun venue for soccer players and soccer fans alike.


    OKC vs. Tulsa: Season Opener vs. Turnpike Rivals

    The Oklahoma City Women’s Football Club is having its first game of the season on June 12 at 7:30 p.m. The game will be held at the Mustang High School soccer complex, and everyone's invited. This is the team’s first home game, so come out and see them compete against the Tulsa Soccer Club.

    The experience of the ladies on the Oklahoma City FC ranges from players like 30-year-old Dria Hampton who is competing in her 12th season with the team, to 18-year-old Samantha Guzman with her first season competing with OKC FC. Both women were born and raised in Oklahoma, though others on the team came from out of state or out of the country, like Amber Lockwood from Texas and Marga Franco from Spain. There are 21 girls on the roster who played or are currently playing collegiate soccer in Oklahoma from the likes of the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, University of Tulsa, and others. These ladies all have an incredible experience with soccer and continue to gain skill with each game they play.

    Don’t forget to get your tickets to the game on June 12 at Mustang High School. Tickets are being sold online and at the gate, but purchasing your tickets online can get you $2 off your purchase. The link to the website to purchase tickets is; This is the season opener for Oklahoma City FC, so make sure to buy your tickets and come enjoy the action.

    Game Recaps

    A Close One

    Article By Curtis Baxter


    Oklahoma City defeated Tulsa Soccer Club 1-nil Saturday evening to open the season 1-0.

    Samantha Guzman scored the winning goal unassisted in the 64th minute of the match. “I feel satisfied with the win and the goal,” said Guzman. Tulsa hadn’t given up a goal in 244 minutes of play and was on a 10-game winning streak, which dated back to last season before today's game.

     Tulsa was playing good defense, but Guzman found a way to put the ball in the back of the net on a wild sequence of events. OKC FC had been called for a foul so a Tulsa SC player seemed to set the ball and nonchalantly kicked the ball backwards and right into Guzman’s feet. Guzman looked around before realizing a whistle wasn’t blown- calling the play dead- and so she dropped the ball right over the keeper’s head for the lone goal of the match. 

    There were four yellow cards on the night with Oklahoma City receiving three of them; Lauren Haivala (38’), Jaci Jones (54’), and Keanna Witte (77’). Tulsa’s Mollie Breiner received Tulsa’s lone yellow card in the 64th minute.

    The game was very close on points, if Amber Lockwood wasn't there the score could have been much different. Lockwood says “I think we did really well on the game today, especially on defense.” Oklahoma City had 3 corner kicks while Tulsa had 2 corner kicks in the 1st half. Oklahoma City and Tulsa both had 4 shots on goal.

    Oklahoma City FC will be back in action Saturday at SouthStar FC in Fort Worth, Texas and won’t be back on the pitch at Mustang High School until Saturday, June 26.

    Record Breaking 12th Season

    Hampton’s record breaking 12th season with OKC FC

    By: Makenzie Vandruff

    Dria Hampton, 30-years old, has been with the Oklahoma City Football club for 12-seasons and has seen the team change tremendously through the years, especially with the newest ladies joining this season.

    Hampton is an assistant coach as well as a player, so she gets to see the best of both worlds during practices and games. Hampton has loved soccer since she was a child, and she has a great deal of insight on the sport.

    “This year I think we have such a good mix of college, post-college, and high school (players),” says Hampton, “ So we have youth and we have experience, which goes really well together.”

    The younger girls on the team are fired up and ready to go, while the more experienced players are there to reign them in and keep the match well paced. Hampton says the younger women are fit and can go forever, which balances out nicely with the ladies who have been playing for longer.

    The pace of the game has certainly picked up this season with the new blood, letting the wisdom of the experienced players step in and guide the younger ladies to slow the game down. All of these different pieces that fit so well together make Hampton believe that they’re in a good position to win this league.

    There are struggles within the team, of course, but as an assistant coach, Hampton is there to help work them out.

    “I think that we’re really good in moments, and some moments we’re not so good. Finding that consistent balance is going to be crucial,” says Hampton.

    With all of the highs and lows, Hampton is able to help guide the girls to gain some of that consistency that they need. The balance between the younger and older girls also plays into this, giving the team plenty of levels to work with.

    Of course, Hampton is still growing as an athlete as well. At 30-years old she believes that she’s in the best shape she’s ever been in, and takes plenty of steps to ensure she’s staying healthy: doing yoga and stretching every day are huge in her daily routine. She uses her time that she’s given to stay active and do what she loves.

    “I’m kind of like the mediator in between,” Hampton said, “I can get a feel on the field for how the girls are playing and how they’re feeling: what they think is great and what they think needs to be changed, and I can vocalize that to our staff.”

    She gets to be the middleman between the players and the staff, which helps in creating that consistency she desires for the team. Hampton is able to communicate for both the women on the team and the coaches, giving stability and insight from both sides. With 12-years of experience with OKC FC, her advice is incredibly impactful. In fact, she gave one bit of advice for all athletes, whether you’re a soccer player or not.

    “Embrace your strengths,” says Hampton, “Maximize those, then always look to improve your weaknesses.”


    OKC FC: Action Packed and Entertaining

    By: Makenzie Vandruff


    Oklahoma City Football Club games are a welcoming and family-friendly space in which kids, teens, and adults of all ages can have a blast and enjoy soccer. Parents are thrilled by the atmosphere of the games for themselves and their children, while soccer fans young and old can enjoy the fast pace and excitement during the match.

    “We really like the environment,” says Trinity Edgerton, “It’s a really awesome venue, especially being here in Mustang where soccer is so big. Our high school team just did so well at the state championship, and it’s a great community to have this in. We’re really proud that it’s here.”

    The spirit of the game is lively at Mustang High School, where the matches are being held. The space is also very kid-friendly. Edgerton brought her daughter, who also plays soccer, to support the coaches and women of OKC FC in their first game of the season. Others in the area also enjoyed the children having fun and playing soccer.

    Ethan Gordon says one of his favorite parts of the game is seeing all of the kids going out at halftime to play around and have fun. During halftime of OKC FC matches, everyone is encouraged to go out on the field, kick a ball around, and have a good time.

    Of course, there are other things to enjoy other than the action-packed gameplay and the lighthearted fun on the field.

    “The food is very good. I like the food,” says Gordon. “I’m a huge fan of food.”

    At the season opener for OKC FC, a grill was set up for family and friends to enjoy a burger while they watched the game. Snacks and drinks are also available at the concession stand, so don’t worry about going hungry while you watch a thrilling soccer match.

    On top of all of the fun and food, the games themselves are full of excitement and vigorous energy. OKC FC beat their turnpike rivals, Tulsa Soccer Club, in their first match of the season, breaking Tulsa’s win streak of 10-games and shattering their streak of 244 minutes without giving up a single goal. The fans were all incredibly excited to see this electrifying win, and many will keep on coming back for more.

    Come and see OKC FC play their next home game at the Mustang High School Soccer Complex on June 26 at 7:30 p.m. against the Texas Spurs to enjoy the atmosphere and see an exhilarating game.

    June 18th, Preview for the Game VS SouthStar

    Saturday Night in the Stockyards

    Written By: Curtis Baxter


    Oklahoma City Football Club (1-0) and SouthStar Football Club (1-2) take the pitch in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday. This will be the first of two matches between the two clubs, but they do have a common opponent in Tulsa Soccer Club.

    The difference is that OKC FC beat Tulsa SC and SouthStar FC lost. OKC FC defeated Tulsa SC 1-0 in its season opener on June 12, while SouthStar lost 0-1 in a very close game in its season opener on June 6.

    In OKC FC’s victory over Tulsa SC Samantha Guzman scored the lone goal, while keeper Amber Lockwood locked down the net with four saves for the season opening victory.

     While SouthStar FC’s record is below .500 its goal differential is only -1. SouthStar FC scored two goals in its 2-0 victory over Texas Spurs FC last time on the pitch, but gave up three goals in the first two games of the season, which led to losses. 

     Saturday’s match can be watched on SouthStar FC’s MyCujoo account at:

    June 19th, OKCFC Win in the Last Ten Seconds of Extra Time

    Rivas' Two Goals Lead OKCFC to a Two-Game Winning Streak

    By Makenzie Vandruff

    Oklahoma City Football Club locked in its second win of the season against SouthStar Football Club on June 19 in Texas. OKC FC’s win gives them a two-game winning streak to start the season off strong.

    This game started with a goal by SouthStar FC’s player, Summer Chaffin, in the 9th minute of the game. SouthStar FC held strong all throughout the first half, until OKC FC came back in the second half with a vengeance.

    Ivanna Rivas, OKC FC forward, scored a goal in the second half of the game at the 66th minute on an assist from Dria Hampton. SouthStar FC was fighting to keep its lead from the first half, but its fate was sealed when OKC FC’s midfielder Jaci Jones struck the ball, blocked by the keeper, where Ivanna Rivas was there to finish, scoring winning goal in the 90th minute.

    Overall, Jones attempted four shots throughout the entire game, which was half of OKC FC’s total eight shots. Rivas took two shots, while Samantha Guzman and Yuuka Kurosaki attempted the other two.

    SouthStar FC attempted 22 shots in the game, but OKC FC’s powerful defense outweighed their unrelenting offense.

    OKC FC is headed home after its action-packed win against SouthStar SC with two wins under its belt. There next game is in Tulsa on June 23 at 7:30 versus their turnpike rivals, Tulsa Soccer Club. OKC FC beat Tulsa SC in their first game of the season, so this rematch is going to be exhilarating.

    Catch the team back at its home the Mustang High School Soccer Complex on June 26 at 7:30, where they’ll be fighting for a win against the Texas Spurs. After two consecutive wins, these matches are bound to be thrilling.

    Oklahoma City FC Names New Player/Assistant Coach

    Dria Hampton to serve dual role with Oklahoma City FC in record 12th WPSL season

    OKLAHOMA CITY (April 28, 2021) - One of the all-time great players from the state of Oklahoma, Dria Hampton, will head up Oklahoma City FC’s midfield once again for a record 12th WPSL season - and has added the role as Assistant Coach for the upcoming 2021 season, Technical Director Evan Dresel and Head Coach Danny Gibson announced today.

    During her team-record 11 WPSL seasons, all with Oklahoma City FC, the team has compiled an 83-25-14 record, won five conference titles and advanced to the WPSL Championship semifinals three times.

    Hampton recently concluded her sixth season as an assistant coach at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, where she helped lead the Drovers to the Sooner Athletic Conference championship game for the fifth consecutive season.  The Piedmont, Okla. product coaches with Oklahoma Energy Football Club and is the lone female in club history to coach boy’s teams.  She recently began a new private venture with MB10 Soccer, operating specialized individual and group clinics for intermediate to accomplished players.

    A member of the United States National U14, U16, U18 and U20 teams, in 2009 Hampton was ranked as the No. 13 college prep prospect.  The athletic midfielder started 62 consecutive games during her initial three collegiate years at the University of Oklahoma, leading the Sooners to the 2010 NCAA Tournament.  The three-time Academic All-Big 12 honoree played her senior season at Florida State, making 19 appearances for the Seminoles and advancing the NCAA Championship semifinals during her lone season in Tallahassee.

    Oklahoma City FC, the ninth winningest team in WPSL history, opens its season on the road June 8 at FC Dallas.  The ScissorTails’ home opener is June 12 at Mustang High School with kickoff slated for 7:30 p.m.  Oklahoma City will compete in the WPSL’s Red River Conference’s Northern Division and play home-and-home matches in 2021 versus turnpike rival Tulsa Soccer Club, FC Dallas, SouthStar FC, and the Texas Spurs – all three from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

    Oklahoma City FC’s Tryouts are scheduled for this Sunday 6-8 p.m. and on May 8 at MHS.  For additional information and to register, go to



    The WPSL, entering its 23rd season, is the largest women’s soccer league in the world with 136 teams spread across 34 states from coast-to-coast.  With matches played during summer months, WPSL team rosters feature the top amateur players in North America – from standout collegiate student-athletes, to elite prep prospects and former college standouts.  Many of the top players in U.S. National Team history honed their skills in the WPSL, including Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Abby Wambach and dozens of others.




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